02.07.15 - Registration is open!

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02.07.15 - Draft programme available now

The full programme will be announced soon.

The documentation is now available for download. Just follow the hyperlinks for each subject you want to download. The presentations are available in protected pdf-files.

Block 1: Waste Policy

10.10-10-40 Reflections on European waste management, Caroline Jackson

10.40-11.20 Industrial emissions directive, Jürgen Kühn

11.20-11.50 What contribution can waste-to-energy make to the new EU-targets for 2020?, Johan Sundberg

11.50-12.20 Guidelines concerning the application of energy efficiency formula for the R1/D10 criteria, Hubert de Chefdebien

Block 2: Integrated waste management

13.20-14.05 What contribution can the waste sector make in the overall reduction of greenhouse gases?, Gary Crawford

14.05-14.30 LCA-study on European waste-to-energy plants, Jan Manders

14.30-14.55 A comparison between waste-to-energy and mechanical biological treatment, Barbara Zeschmar-Lahl

15.25-15.50 LCA-modeling in waste management: Key assumptions, variations and uncertainties, Thomas H Christensen

15.50-16.15 What is the development on the German market regarding different treatments for waste, Bärbel Birnstengel

16.15-16.40 To raise awareness of energy from waste, Gunilla Carlsson

Block 3: Technical state of the art

09.00-09.20 Superheater fireside corrosion mechanisms in WtE facilities, lab-scale and on field results, Jean Michel Brossard

09.20-09.40 Corrosion experiences after two years operating the Amsterdam plant, Frans Lamers

09.40-10.00 Fuzzy logic applications for combustion control, Asger Danielsen

10.30-10.50 Why change filter bags when you can clean them? Maria Leibetseder

10.50-11.10 Automation of overhead cranes, cost, efficiency, and possible drawbacks?, Pär Wallin

11.10-11.30 Management of APC Residues, Henrik Ørnebjerg

Block 4: Future

12.30-13.00 Protocol for testing the H14 criteria on bottom ash, Jörg Römbke

13.00-13.30 New furnace concept improving the electrical efficiency, Ole Hedegaard Madsen

13.30-14.00 Dioxin generation and regeneration in modern energy recovery plants, Dorthe Lærke Baun

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