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Malmö, Sweden

Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden with approximately 320 000 inhabitants in the municipality. The city has evolved from being an industrial city with a long shipbuilding tradition to more of a knowledge centre. The industrial inheritage was clearly seen until 2002 where the gantry crane of Kockums shipyard were dominating the skyline of Malmö city. This monument of the industrial era has now been replaced in the skyline by the 190 m high, award winning, residental buidling "Turning Torso".

One of the reasons for the development of Malmö is the bridge that since 2000 is connecting Sweden with Denmark. This has been an important aspect that made the travels between the southern part of Sweden and the Copenhagen area in Denmark much easier. The good communications and the nearby large Copenhagen Airport has made the region attractive for companies of all sizes.

The bridge between Sweden and Denmark

Another important aspect for the development towards a knowledge centre is when Malmö got a university. Today the city has around 25 000 students of different areas. Together with the university in Lund with it's 47 000 students this enhances the possibilities for companies in the region to be able to hire well-educated personnel.

For more information about Malmö and the southern part of Sweden please visit the homepage of Malmö City. There is also information available in English.

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